Your Body, Your Birth, Your Way...

Tammy was instrumental in helping us to have the drug-free and empowering birth experience that we were hoping for. She had a calming and grounding presence throughout our entire labor and delivery. She was encouraging and in tune with what we both needed, making helpful suggestions throughout labor. We had a longer labor and we were so impressed with how present and dialed in Tammy remained throughout it all. We would highly recommend Tammy as a doula, we are forever grateful to her for our beautiful birth experience!

~ Leeann & Aaron

I have 2 boys and had hired a doula for both births. Having a doula is a necessity to prepare for childbirth and experience the miraculous gift of bringing a baby into the world. From the moment I met Tammy, I felt an instant connection. Let's face it, there needs to be something connecting the Mommy to be and her doula as it gets pretty real during labor and all involved need to be comfortable with and trust each other. Tammy took time to learn what I needed, what I preferred and ultimately assisted me in obtaining the birth that I wanted to have. She is extremely knowledgeable and provides classes to include Dancing for Birth, which was a fun experience! I'm thankful Tammy was part of our team during the birth of our 2nd son. She was the constant calm I needed and always provided guidance to assist through the tough stages.

Thank you Tammy! 
~ Lisa H  

Tammy played an especially important role in our birth because my husband was living overseas and, despite trying very hard, did not make it here in time for my labor and delivery.  Tammy was a lifesaver, guiding me every step of the way through my labor.  She always knew just what to say to make me feel better, whether that be a suggestion for a position change, encouragement when I felt frustrated because it felt like things weren't progressing, or even a firm "No, you can do this" when at one point I begged for meds despite my strong desire for a natural birth (in hindsight, I'm so glad she helped me stay true to my commitment to a natural birth). Thanks to Tammy, I was able to labor for almost two days (through two virtually sleepless nights) and birth our son without any drugs or interventions. Tammy covered so many bases, including bringing this amazing aromatherapy blend, which she put on a washcloth to help me relax during labor, and facilitating phone calls and Skype video chatting with my husband at several points during labor while he was traveling to get here.

Tammy's support during my pregnancy and after the birth was also amazing. She suggested having my husband join us by Skype for our prenatal meetings, and she made us both feel so much more comfortable going into the birth. I had a lot of fears surrounding the anticipated pain of natural childbirth, so Tammy led me through several exercises to help me recognize and then release those fears. The morning after the birth, she voluntarily came back to the hospital to capture photos of my husband's arrival and our first moments together as a family of three. I will treasure those pictures forever.

We couldn't have asked for a better doula than Tammy. She listened to our needs and preferences and was nothing but supportive throughout our pregnancy and birth and afterwards  as well. We are so thankful to have found her.

~ Kristin & Hiro

Like many dads, early in the pregnancy I thought I had it figured out and was skeptical about having a doula. I was wrong! As time passed, I was stilled filled with so many questions. Looking back, choosing Tammy as our doula was the best decision we made in preparing for our birth.

Before, during, and after the birth, Tammy helped my wife and I understand our options, explained what was occurring, and acted as an advocate for our birth preferences when needed. She helped to manage the whirlwind of questions that needed to be answered, recommended comfort measures, offered insight at just the right time, and gave me a an opportunity to take a few breaks and recharge my batteries during a long labor. This is what I appreciate most about Tammy’s support as our doula, she brought focus to the countless details so I could be attentive to my wife and fully watch our birth story unfold.

What makes Tammy stand out as a doula for a first time dad is the effort she took to get to know me and understand my hopes, fears, and desires for the birth in addition to my wife. She helped me be an active participant in the birth process and not just a bystander sitting on the sidelines. I cannot imagine our birth story without Tammy in it! Thank you Tammy.

~ Adam Lee

Tammy was a wonderful doula for me as well as my husband. Her approach was gentle and her encouragement helped me deal with the labor in a constructive way. I was much calmer with her presence than I otherwise would have been. It becomes clear why she chose the name Empowering Births once you have gone through the birth process using her tips and guidance along the way. Tammy is a warm and caring person who is sure to add a calm presence to your birth experience as she did ours.

~ Jessica D

"We had a wonderful experience with Tammy. Her gentle, yet confident nature put us immediately at ease. Our initial meetings were informative & helped us prepare for the big day. Despite our baby's early arrival, Tammy was prepared, and INVALUABLE to both of us!"

~ Jen and Carl

Tammy's awesome! Without her I probably would have had another C-section. She was always two steps ahead of me anticipating my needs, helping my husband help me. She kept me focused and calm, making me more effective. I had a fast and unexpected drug-free delivery."

~ Elaine T

Tammy's words, presence, encouragement and support were treasures that we are extremely grateful for during the birth of both of our children. She made such a wonderful difference in helping to create a safe, peaceful and sacred space for both of our children to enter into, She is an incredible doula and we are blessed to have had her beside us.

With gratitude always,
Camille and Sam