Dancing for Birth   Classes

Why prenatal and postpartum dance?

Feels great in your body and helps you love your changing body.
Improves your flexibility, strength and endurance.
Decreases or prevents discomforts of pregnancy and labor.

Positively impacts your health and baby's too!
Prepares you physically and mentally for labor.
Teaches you tools to use during labor to encourage your baby to descend.
Increase your balance and concentration and promotes good posture.
Helps calm the baby in the womb and relaxes the mommy to be.
Tunes the mom into her inner strength.
A fun and a great way to connect and celebrate with other pregnant women.


Give yourself the gift of time that’s just for you!

Have fun while dancing your way through movements, birth education and tips for a faster, easier birthing.

During these classes you will learn

  • how to harness gravity to your advantage during labor
  • dance moves & pushing positions that as much as double the size of your pelvic outlet for ease of birth.
  • moves to correct baby's breech or posterior position 
  • moves that improve pelvic strength and mobility for ease of labor and delivery.
  • birth education that will give you confidence.

For questions or to set up a consult contact ~ Tammy

Your Body, Your Birth, Your Way...

“If a woman had no preconceived notion of how to give birth and was without culture or media to tell her how she should do it, she would birth by changing her position in response to her body’s cues, becoming a mother as effortlessly and as knowingly as she grew from an infant to a child, and developed from a child into a woman.” – Stephanie Larson, founder, Dancing for Birth™ 

Practice traditional moves from various cultures including African and Latin, and Dancing for Birth™ moves like “Mighty Mama” and “Down Baby Down”, you will increase awareness of the baby/body connection, and the mind and body will feel more at ease as pregnancy and then labor progresses. Dancing aids in the flexibility of the pelvis and encourages your baby to move into optimum alignment for labor and birth. Practiced moves like “Birth Spiral, Infinite Patience, Abundant Belly, Rock the Baby, and Knocking on the Door” will become part of your instinctual movement to help soothe tension, encourage your labor, and increase comfort and confidence as you move through the unknown gifts and challenges of labor and birth.

Currently offering private sessions in your home.

Gather two or more of your friends who are also expecting to join the class and receive a $15 discount on your fee!

BOOK NOW space is limited, I only schedule 2 sessions per month.